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DevFest Brunei 2012

GDG Brunei Membership

Calling all #GDG Brunei Darussalam #gdgbrunei ...

We believe there is plenty of general interest stuff for members on developers.google.com already:

Google Developers Live https://developers.google.com/live/
Google Developers Showcasehttps://developers.google.com/showcase/
Google Developers Academyhttps://developers.google.com/academy/
Product Documentation for Google Developershttps://deve

We now have the very first community feature specifically for GDG members. They can visit their respective chapter pages in the Google Developer Groups section of the site and register the fact that they are a member.

Please visit this profile status page on developers.google.com first:


If you have not logged onto the site and given permission to link your Google+ account, you will be prompted to do so on this profile status page. After that, you can visit our chapter page on developers.google.com and click the I'm a member button:


It doesn't do much today other than add you to the total count of chapter members. However, this will get you registered now to be part of the member directory for +GDG Brunei Darussalam when that launches on developers.google.com in the near future.

That's All Folks!